About the River Balcony

The River Balcony is a 1.5-mile public pathway planned for the downtown Saint Paul river bluff edge from the Science Museum to Union Depot. First envisioned in Saint Paul’s Great River Passage plan, the River Balcony will form a public promenade linking key downtown development sites with restaurants, offices, shops, and open spaces that will overlook the river, and will accommodate walking, outdoors seating, gathering, and public activities.

River Balcony Model

“The River Balcony will give the Saint Paul community and visitors alike the opportunity to reconnect with each other and also recognize the value in our City’s proximity to this magnificent natural resource,” said Mayor Chris Coleman. “I look forward to seeing creative ideas to come to life during this prototyping festival that capture the essence of the River Balcony idea.”

The Master Plan will be presented and discussed at the public meeting this spring.

Find out more about the City’s long-term vision of the River Balcony as it relates to the Great River Passage Plan.

Download the River Balcony fact sheet (PDF).