Prototyper Highlight


We welcome the Ramsey County Historical Society team of Chad Roberts, Mollie Spillman and Rich Arpi presenting their Portal prototypes. Four Portal’s will bring the history of the River Balcony into view with experimental View Master™ style sculptures.


Building on past work dating back to 2012, the team has a portfolio of one film/video production and five kiosks that include monitors, digital media players and timing/power control devices. A list of the team’s work can be found in this link. (S) Roberts C-RCHS-8pg8.jpg


Ramsey County Historical Society would like you to travel back in time through Portals along the River Balcony, transporting community members and visitors to …

  • the Lower landing as riverboats unloaded their wares and immigrants arrived by droves in the 1850’s,
  • the tracks being laid to develop the great railways of the north in the 1880s-90s, and
  • the streams of workers from the factories and industries of Lowertown in the early 1900s.

The goals of this project are to build awareness of the connection between the river, city and river valley and to engage people to come together in a shared space.

Four portals will frame historic and future photographs unique to Saint Paul’s rich history and vibrant future.

By incorporating the stories visually and/or audibly along with the images, the audience will be able to step back and envision themselves.

They will be located by the Custom House and overlooking Ramsey County East in Culture Park.

(S) Roberts C-RCHS-4pg4



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