Trygve Nordberg, Karen Pollard and Wendie Owens

We are flattered to host the esteemed collaboration of Trygve Nordberg, Karen Pollard and Wendie Owens – on their River Song prototype. Their valued experience, as shown below in the team’s work examples, brings a unique level of depth to what the public life could be on the River Balcony.

Work Examples

(O) Nordberg_T_Page_6

The Prototype

River Song is an interactive sound experience, overlooking the Mississippi River,
that blends elements of the city and river into an ever changing orchestral refrain.

People walking along the River Balcony at the Kellogg Mall Park will be drawn to a series of original shadowboxes spaced about 150 feet apart along the railing beside the river bluff.

These handmade shadowboxes contain unique, playful sculptures which meld natural materials of the river with materials of the city. Subjects include flora, fauna and industrial features of the Mississippi River.

At each station, people of all ages interact with the sculptures. Pressing keys, striking chimes, and pulling levers inside the shadowbox elicits different sounds—a mélange of bird songs, water sounds, voices or boats—sounds which are found where the river meets the city. Individuals and groups can compose their own music out of these myriad sounds. A background river rhythm ties the individual compositions together.

(O) Nordberg_T_Page_3

The following link will show you the planned location for the River Song prototype. (O) Nordberg_T_Page_4





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