Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce that the following people and organizations will present their prototypes at the River Balcony Prototyping Festival on September 10th!

  • Three Seven – Water Source
  • Alyssa Baguss and Aaron Dysart – EcoDistrict Commission
  • Public Art Saint Paul – Dakhóta Wordscapes on the River
  • Trygve Nordberg, Karen Pollard and Wendy Owens – River Song
  • Emily Stover – Cultural Exchange Market
  • Suzanne, Tesia, and Josef Kosmalski – River Soundings
  • Kimley Horn Landscape Architecture – River of Birds
  • Works Progress Studio – WATER BAR | HEALING PLACE
  • Ramsey County Historical Society – Portals
  • AVENTUR CAMPANA– River Rock!
  • Kimley Horn Landscape Architecture – Wrapped in Anticipation

Winners and Commissions Map V5The selected proposals highlight the vital connection between the Mississippi River and the City of Saint Paul. They educate, engage, and entertain while helping us gain a deeper understanding of our connection to the river.

We’re very excited to work with these artists over the coming months. Their temporary installations will give us a better sense of how more programming, public art, and engaging activities can make the River Balcony a premier destination in Saint Paul.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal. We received almost two dozen entries, with a lot of great ideas for bringing more activity to the downtown riverfront. Unfortunately we were unable to fund all of them.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share more information about the winning artists and their prototypes. Stay tuned!


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