Kellogg Craft Beer Overlook – main stage at Kellogg Mall Park

Sept 9th and 10th lineup

Hosted in partnership with Music in Mears and Rhythm in Rice Production Team, the festival will kick-off with a pre-party on September 9 from 5:00-10:00 p.m. at the Kellogg Craft Beer Overlook located at Kellogg Mall Park with food trucks and special performances by The Wibesman, Maria Isa, Ryan’s Liestman’s Reggae Revival, and Ipso Facto.

On Saturday, September 10 from 2:00-6:00 p.m., the areas surrounding the Science Museum of Minnesota, Kellogg Mall Park and Union Depot will feature 11 installations by 10 local artists, food trucks, multiple stages, and the Kellogg Craft Beer Overlook with special performances by Grape Whales, Alex Rossi, Communist Daughter and more.

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Dakhóta Wordscapes on the River by Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakichiye, Healing Place Collaborative, Hamilton Ink Spot and Public Art Saint Paul. There prototype, Wakpá Tháŋka, unites the skills and goals of three organizations and several artists. The team aims to enlighten visitors of the Dakota language and culture that has been suppressed since the start of European colonization.


This Prototype Team has a wealth of experience that runs wide and deep. Hamilton Ink Spot has a handful of artists, designers and printers who collaboratively engaged in many projects around the twin cities. Their work can be found in this link:


The Dakhóta Wordscapes on the River team will engage the Festival’s visitors in the indigenous language of the Mississippi River valley. Few non-indigenous Minnesotans know the original Dakota words for the Mississippi River, Saint Paul, and Minnesota. The team will create large-scaled Dakhóta words stenciled onto the sidewalks of the River Balcony, from the EcoDistrict to the Union Depot Plaza. The selected words are place names for the landscape of the River Balcony and its larger context.

Below is an example of the wordscapes that you will encounter:

  • Wakpá Tháŋka -­‐ traditional name for the Mississippi -­‐ big, significant river,
  • Ȟaȟáwakpa -­‐ traditional name for the Mississippi -­‐ river of the falls
  • Imnížaska -­‐ means “white cliffs,” became a Dakota name for Saint Paul
  • Mnísota -­‐ water reflects the sky

Twelve words will be located in various locations along the river.

Microsoft Word - River Balcony Prototyping Festival RFP[2].docx

During the festival, members of the Dakota Language society will be stationed near the words to provide a handout, as well as, talk to the visitors about the words, their origins and meanings, and the status of the Dakota language. Sandwich boards will be placed near each word with English translation.

The goal of this interactive session is to broaden the visitor’s experience and knowledge of Dakota presence in Minnesota and foster a connection to the Dakota people, culture, and history. By seeing these words- visitors will realize that Saint Paul stands on original Dakota land. The history of the indigenous people needs to be known and acknowledged so that non-indigenous people will have a deeper intercultural understanding.

Simple words can open mental doors. Stories can lend pride to the present.

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We welcome the Ramsey County Historical Society team of Chad Roberts, Mollie Spillman and Rich Arpi presenting their Portal prototypes. Four Portal’s will bring the history of the River Balcony into view with experimental View Master™ style sculptures.


Building on past work dating back to 2012, the team has a portfolio of one film/video production and five kiosks that include monitors, digital media players and timing/power control devices. A list of the team’s work can be found in this link. (S) Roberts C-RCHS-8pg8.jpg


Ramsey County Historical Society would like you to travel back in time through Portals along the River Balcony, transporting community members and visitors to …

  • the Lower landing as riverboats unloaded their wares and immigrants arrived by droves in the 1850’s,
  • the tracks being laid to develop the great railways of the north in the 1880s-90s, and
  • the streams of workers from the factories and industries of Lowertown in the early 1900s.

The goals of this project are to build awareness of the connection between the river, city and river valley and to engage people to come together in a shared space.

Four portals will frame historic and future photographs unique to Saint Paul’s rich history and vibrant future.

By incorporating the stories visually and/or audibly along with the images, the audience will be able to step back and envision themselves.

They will be located by the Custom House and overlooking Ramsey County East in Culture Park.

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Planning and Permitting

Festival planning and permitting is in full swing. We have been meeting with municipal departments that have bearing on the festival and are encouraged that we are making headway.

We have an approved Parks Special Permit for large events for Kellogg Mall Park! Thank you Saint Paul Parks and Public Works for help with logistics. Kellogg Mall Park is a big component of the River Balcony a central part of the festival.

We have submitted the Community Block Permit for use of the area outside of the park and are working with Union Depot, Science Museum of Minnesota, Custom House and District Energy on use specifics. Next steps are finalizing the locations of prototypes, beer garden and music to submit for noise variances.

We have been updated by Ramsey County that deconstruction of Ramsey County West will start at the end of August – beginning of September. The southern east-bound lane of Kellogg Boulevard and sidewalk will likely be closed from District Energy’s entrance to Wabasha. The Wabasha and Kellogg intersection will remain open. We’ll be working with Public Works to close down the second east bound lane or the full street for festival access.


The Prototypers met on June 1st with draft plans for their concepts and safety precautions. They will meet again in a few weeks to discuss further development.

Good News!

Thank you Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) for contributing the use of their plaza and front yard. The Science Museum of Minnesota and EcoDistrict are valued partners and an important anchor for the River Balcony and the festival. SMM and RBPF are teaming up to offer even more than before planned. Look for more details closer to the festival.

We Need You!

Your involvement is important to the success of the festival and the River Balcony. Below are a few suggestions:

Volunteer to help on festival day. We are looking for ambassadors, evaluators and area leads.

Donate a storage unit. We need to store and exchange prototype materials. It needs to be secure and shielded from moisture.

Share your temporary stage and A/V equipment. The stage will be located at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Please contact Tracey Kinney at if interested.


Trygve Nordberg, Karen Pollard and Wendie Owens

We are flattered to host the esteemed collaboration of Trygve Nordberg, Karen Pollard and Wendie Owens – on their River Song prototype. Their valued experience, as shown below in the team’s work examples, brings a unique level of depth to what the public life could be on the River Balcony.

Work Examples

(O) Nordberg_T_Page_6

The Prototype

River Song is an interactive sound experience, overlooking the Mississippi River,
that blends elements of the city and river into an ever changing orchestral refrain.

People walking along the River Balcony at the Kellogg Mall Park will be drawn to a series of original shadowboxes spaced about 150 feet apart along the railing beside the river bluff.

These handmade shadowboxes contain unique, playful sculptures which meld natural materials of the river with materials of the city. Subjects include flora, fauna and industrial features of the Mississippi River.

At each station, people of all ages interact with the sculptures. Pressing keys, striking chimes, and pulling levers inside the shadowbox elicits different sounds—a mélange of bird songs, water sounds, voices or boats—sounds which are found where the river meets the city. Individuals and groups can compose their own music out of these myriad sounds. A background river rhythm ties the individual compositions together.

(O) Nordberg_T_Page_3

The following link will show you the planned location for the River Song prototype. (O) Nordberg_T_Page_4




Contracts and Permitting

Contracts and permits are now in progress. We are so excited to be working with the prototype teams and commission artists. Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work ironing out contract details and starting the commission artists’ working groups. Additionally, we have secured Kellogg Mall Park and started the event application and permit process.

Good news!

We are grateful to have Union Depot contribute the use of their plaza for the River Rock! prototype. This location is one of the entries to the River Balcony and the prototype is sure to catch your eye as you arrive from the LRT.

We are excited to have Knutson Construction consider sponsoring the festival. As the details get worked out, find out more about Knutson Construction through this link here and envision the great work they can do in Saint Paul. If you are interested in sponsoring the festival please contact Tracey Kinney at